These maps are only available for personal use and may not be sold.

Prints can be ordered and picked up through your local FedEx store, or for additional shipping and handling costs may be mailed directly to you.  Larger print sizes may require shipping.

Lamination is a recommended feature that can be added for an additional fee.  This allows for significantly increased durability and allows use of dry erase markers.  Prints start at $5 per map.

Pricing is determined by size of print, number of pages required, and material used for printing.  Many of our encounter maps are larger than an 11 x 17 when printed at standard 1 inch per 5 foot or human sized square.  These may be printed in multiple pages and tiled, or ordered as a larger map.

8 1/2 x 11 or smaller prints : $5/page – pick up at local FedEx

11 x 17 or smaller print : $7/page – pick up at local FedEx

Please email for special order sizes (such as blueprint sized printing for large maps), lamination fees and shipping and handling fees based on location and order.

Please email for special order prints for material such as card stock, mouse pads, leather, wood, metal prints, etc.

Digital Downloads: Coming soon.  Arrangements available at e-mail request.


General inquiries may be made at any time and Kyle can provide a rough estimate and determine if all parties are interested in going further.  All serious custom map inquiries come with a 45 minute whiteboard session (this may be extended at Kyle’s discretion) with our world developer, Kyle, free of charge.  This whiteboard session will determine a base idea on what is desired and will allow him to generate a quote on price.  Please email Kyle to request a session with a general idea on what you want and what you wish to use the map(s) for.  He will then email you a question sheet to fill out prior to your session and then coordinate a session time.  The question sheet must be fully filled out and emailed back to Kyle at least 24 hours prior to the session, or the session will be rescheduled.  This allows him to be able to accurately prepare to determine what is required for the map during the whiteboard session.


Price Determination

The cost for a custom order map is determined by several different variables: size, original content, level of detail, and users license agreement.  Prices start at $25.00 for a basic map, with pre-built icons and backgrounds and personal use only.

Original Content

Original icons, brushes, backgrounds, patterns, etc. can be developed for any map.  These require additional work, and will increase the cost.  Cost of original content is determined by difficulty and extent of original art required and exclusivity of use.