Atlas Imaging

Atlas Imaging was created with a dream of expanding Kyle’s mapping from real life scientific and archaeological analysis into the worlds our minds can create.  Kyle started to learn to expand his cartography skills into the maps he loved to make for his Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and then into the other genres of mapping.  He enjoys working with science fiction maps just as much as the fantasy world.  He has learned that he is able to extract aspects of worlds from authors and other DM’s that are critical to world design but stem from his geographical training and study of civilization, cultures, and history to help create better maps and world designs.

Owner, World Developer, Creator, Cartographer

Kyle Parker-McGlynn

Kyle Parker-McGlynn

I have loved building worlds and mapping places since I was a child. As I grew older this did not change. I decided to become a cartographer early on in college, getting my bachelors and master’s degrees in geography with a focus in GIS. I have now been a professional cartographer/archaeologist for the last ten years. I have worked for various different agencies, and now run Atlas Imaging a mapping company that crates maps of this world and those from our minds.

Manager, Assistant Artist

Julia Parker

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I have enjoyed various role playing games since my teen years and have been an avid reader of fantasy novels since my dad started reading me The Hobbit as a young child.  My main career is outside of this field, but I vastly enjoy assisting as I am able with Atlas Imaging.  I help mostly in the background but also occasionally help edit maps and create base map formats, brushes, and icons.